Pictures (WheeziePic) is an usefull platform that allows for quick screenshot sharing by installing a small program (~2.5MB) on your computer. After you opened the software and selected the area you wanted a screenshot of the program will upload that part of the screen to the cloud returning an url that can be shared to everyone displaying the desired screenshot.
PWGuard (WheeziePWG) is a 'Password Guard'. It allows you to save all your passwords in an encrypted vault that only you can enter using only 1 (strong) password. And (optionally) 2 or even 3 way authentication. There's a function that randomly generates strong passwords also providing you random, strong passwords to use on your favorite social media and much more.
Chat (WheezieChat) is a chat program. Using multiple layers of encryption, chat rooms, permissions and even filesharing. This is all done by our custom Encryption layer covered by an extra layer of SSL (256-bit) to ensure a safe chatting experience. We won't keep logs, track IP's or keep an eye on the chat... Not our business, except if there's proof of any abuse.